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Loneliness is my friend Some relatable stuff Teenager Posts

Loneliness is my friend Some relatable stuff Teenager Posts


Literally my English class, I'm the only person from my form in it and I'M SO LONELY

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best friend teenage post | Teenagers Post For Best Friends. I love u guys!!!

No, I don't have friends. I have people I occasionally socialize with that barely acknowledge my existence

I don't really have friends. That's why I'm so friendly to people. I like being there for people, even strangers. I give people the things I would want in a ...

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Idk.. I did! :S

Never have I ever felt that I actually belong within a group of friends. I'm usually the one who's "just there". | Friendship Quotes | Pinterest | Quotes, ...

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you're doing weird stuff, then realize someone was watching you.

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So true, i think i am friendless .. Lonely Quotes, All Alone Quotes

100 Best Quotes in My Notebook | Words to Remember | Quotes, Best quotes, Life Quotes

When Im on my period my bf makes me laugh so hard that I bleed more I get mad and tell him you made me ink! intj humor single quotes sad lonely ...


I have never, and I mean EVER, seen anything more relatable in my whole life



“Why do I feel alone?”

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Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider

Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life | Children's books | The Guardian

Manifesto on How to be Interesting by Holly Bourne

Attention fellow lonely humans who want to feel slightly less alone: The Loneliness Project is an interactive web archive where people can submit their ...

Depression Quotes

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Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life | Children's books | The Guardian

These novels will wrap you in a warm hug

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Carl Pickhardt Ph.D.

This doesn't mean that I've never read a YA book that I enjoyed. Some of my favorite books fall under the YA genre. But to be honest, I don't typically like ...

High school is a near-universal experience to which we can all relate. It's also a complicated, messy time in life in which one grows from the end of ...

I flew back to Canada from London one summer, just after my thirty-first birthday. I was feeling a little bit low; I had recently been dumped by somebody I ...

Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life | Children's books | The Guardian

Teenagers are becoming increasingly lonely because of their reliance on the internet

ARe you there God?

8 Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Is Actually Really Good For You

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

don't underestimate me because I'm quiet

Solitaire by Alice Oseman: This is a brave and starkly realistic portrayal of a teenager who is not OK and doesn't quite know why.

"With everything that's been going on in the world lately, it really stands

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Quote on anxiety - It's sad, actually, because my anxiety keeps me from enjoying

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During BuzzFeed's Mental Health Week, we asked members of the BuzzFeed

73 Poems About Teenage Depression - Poems about Loneliness and Depression

Remember: We all feel lonely sometimes

Quote on anxiety - Anxiety is having to remind myself that being afraid of things going

Lonely in France colorful

We reached out to HuffPost Lifestyle's Facebook community to find out the hardest parts of being an "old soul" in a young body. Here are 21 things they had ...

The illustrations doesn't mirror the gravity of the topic. Reading about something involving depression is not an easy thing to read about.

What I Mean When I (Don't) Say I'm Lonely

Teenagers are feeling increasingly lonely because they spend too much time on social media

Falling in love with your gay best friend.

The Top 7 INFJ Problems · 7 Introvert Problems Solved! Free Webcast Replay

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Cheating Poems

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UPDATE: Lonely expat problem and making friends abroad ...

Look At Her!

On Love by Alain de Botton

Hunger by Roxane Gay

Promoted by Love, Simon Love Simon

Louder than Words by Laura Jarratt

Finding Friends in the Spoonie Community

... The Top 7 INFJ Problems

The lonely expat cycle repeats. But this shouldn't be impossible, right? I live in France — not some semi-deserted island in the middle of nowhere…


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Pet Quotes. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself


How to help your college student cope with loneliness, without hovering

Quote on anxiety - Anxiety makes you sit there and overthink every single things. At

Download Marie Forleo's free audio training to learn three simple strategies that'll give you

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This #relatable denial:

Join a community garden

losing friends and travel

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The 25 Best Teen TV Shows on Netflix

Tyler, The Creator - 911 / Mr. Lonely (Audio)

Famous Introvert Artist Quotes · Famous Introverts Famous Introverts · Faking it: How to know when to act more extroverted

i did a thing yesterday