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Are you making any of these topwater fishing mistakes that could be

Are you making any of these topwater fishing mistakes that could be


Are you making any of these topwater fishing mistakes that could be hurting your hookup ratio? Find out in this ultimate topwater lure tip video and blog.

Six mistakes anglers make when targeting kingfish

I have done quite a few seminars over the last few years for sponsors as well as for Freak Finder Fishing and I always get some great questions during ...

Baits & Lures - Hardbaits - Topwater Lures - Rebel - Frog-R

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It's sort of a toss-up for Houston, and in truth conditions dictate which rod he picks up first for the surface approach. He likes the subtlety of a Pop-R, ...

How to Catch Muskies on Topwaters. Few freshwater fish can provide the ...

When bass start to school up, topwater fishing can be INSANE. Travis catches tons of bass that are feeding up before the winter and they're ready to ...

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Topwater Frog Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips - How to Fish a Hollow Belly Frog - YouTube

Why bass anglers in the know keep a jerkbait handy year-round for various scenarios

Exclusive Topwater Fishing Tip: How to “Walk the Dog”

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Check out the BamaFrogs Spring Topwater Contest. Purchasing any LiveTarget

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Most game fish relate to and use edges to migrate, but more important to seek out, chase and catch food sources. While most people describe edges as the ...

How to Fish Topwater - Fishing Rod, Reel & Line Secrets. The Bass University

Fly fisherman Craig Conrad, visiting from Craig Colorado, casts replica minos bait, trying to catch Bass fish at Bear Creek Reservoir at Bear Creek State ...

You're always in the strike zone with the Clear Lake Popper. Built to attract even the most finicky fish, this popping style topwater bait is perfect for ...

Rookie Fishing Mistake

bass fishing walking baits

Ode to the Topwater Fanatic

Jimmy Houston's Fall Topwater Fishing Advice

Salt Strong | – Top 3 Grouper Fishing Mistakes (Are You Making One Of These


Using worn-out fishing line is a no-no. Using old line can prevent your lures from shifting like you want them to, or the line could snap on you when you're ...

LEAKED Topwater Frog Bass Fishing Tips. The Bass University

Catching GIANT Bass On TOPWATER - Summer Bass Fishing

Topwater Fishing: A Guide to the Most Popular Lures

From left to right, lures that will help anglers during the challenging days of summer

Lake with reeds for bass fishing


Whether you're throwing topwaters, crankbaits, suspending twitch baits, or any other lure, the hooks play a pivotal role in getting the fish ...

Chris Christian

Topwater Fishing Tips for the Hottest Bite of Summer

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... Danny Rourk said a big speckled trout might miss a topwater bait on its first attack ...

bass fishing spybait. One of the ...

Keep your rod in the proper position while fishing

Topwater fishing is effective for a number of reasons. At the top of topwater teasing is the fact that bass feed primarily by sight.

Don't simply retrieve the lure in the same exact way on each cast. Real frogs don't always just swim in straight lines.

Fishing Mistakes part 4

When I daydream about catching bass, my initial vision is of mist rising off a lake's dead-calm surface, followed by the most primeval eruption as a big ol' ...

On still mornings when the fog is thick enough to cut, you should be working topwaters across Catfish Lake. That's because big speckled trout are waiting to ...

Changing Lures Too Frequently: Too often, anglers are buried in the tackle box making trivial lure selections at bad times. If you're changing lures, ...

What a great way to target whiting!

Using the wrong gear

John N. Felsher

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Jeff Oliver and I ran all over Lake Borgne looking for Jack Crevalle and the mythical tarpon, caught tons of catfish on topwater (new for me), ...

bass fishing neko rig. The neko rig is one ...

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bass fishing swimbaits

Ryan Alunni Guide Service


6, A-SZCXTOP Fishing Lures Topwater Floating Popper Poper Lure Hooks Bait Bass Crankbait (Type2


land big fish

Far too many fishermen put away their topwater baits when summer turns to fall. That's a mistake. photo by Joe Albert. Share this

Ben Duchesney reels in his fishing line with a dangerously bent rod.

Wading brings out the best in bass but the method is seldom used.

Best Baitcasting Reels for the Money

10 Best Topwater Lures For Bass

Judy Airhart put on a shallow water clinic with the little MirrOdine.

On still mornings when the fog is thick enough to cut, you should be working topwaters across Catfish Lake. That's because big speckled trout are waiting to ...

This bass was caught in shallow, murky water on a topwater bait in fall.

Top 3 Mahi-Mahi Fishing Mistakes (With Peter Miller & Captain Q)

Fishing reel

How To Maximize Your Fishing Results In Murky Water [VIDEO]

One early morning about ten years ago, I was fishing alongside my father just outside Waquoit Bay on the south side of Cape Cod, where groups of false ...

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Summertime Topwater Striper Action on the Flats Ft. Insomniac Guide & That Asian Angler. Johnny Bui Fishing

Make no mistake there are some very large cod hold up in small rivers and creeks. This ripper was caught by Gareth Lynch on a large hard-bodied lure during ...

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20 Tips That Will Increase Your Success With Topwater Lures [VIDEO]

Model No. CL-BM160-18

Missing Topwater Frog Strikes? IF's Quick Tips!

topwater soft baits